Don’t Do These 5 Things In Your Dream Kitchen!

You have imagined your dream home for the last 10 years. You’ve avoided the trendy coffee places, have forgone shopping sprees since 2001, and are still driving your 1990 VW, all in an effort to save for that dream home down payment!

Perfect floor plan? Check.  Kids’ rooms are mapped out.  You’ve already chosen the perfect paint colors for your Florida-inspired laundry room; and the kitchen, the main room of the house, the most anticipated room of all, is alive inside your head!  BUT wait!  Have you thought it all through?  Did you plan the kitchen on your own, in the absence of a kitchen planner?  Then you may not have thought about these 5 simple things to think about for maximum efficiency.  Read below and think about them!  After all, you’re going to be living in your dream home for the rest of your life.  The kitchen should be as perfect and efficient as possible!

Here are 5 tips – things not to do when planning your new, dream kitchen:

  1. Don’t waste space. In order to make the most of all possible space, careful planning is necessary. Think about storage you will need and plan accordingly. Do you entertain a lot or plan to in the near future? How much space for small cooking appliances? Do you have chafer dishes, giant mixers, or more pots and pans than a normal human needs? Do you cook from scratch and need to assign significant real estate to house all your spices? Think about what you need now and will need in the near future and plan accordingly. Here is a great article about maximizing your storage space.

2. Don’t forego the built-in gadgets. When I built my home, I built in a cutting board above my snack drawer, two lazy susans, a book shelf, and heck, I even added a cubby in the wall for my iPhone! There are so many efficient ways to build in all the gadgets your heart desires. If you can dream it, it can be built. Think long and hard about all the things you want to include. Write them down. Go over them with your builder. Builders love a good challenge! Check out this Mashable list of cool high-tech gadgets for your dream kitchen!

3. Don’t skimp on lighting & fixtures. The kitchen is the hub of the house. You’ll entertain friends and family, work, read, relax, eat, drink and be merry in your kitchen. So treat it like a diva. Research lighting options like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you choose funky, traditional or contemporary fixtures, pendant, recessed, or back lighting, make sure there is plenty of bright, clean lighting throughout. It will make all the difference and is sure to give the room the feel you’re going for. Here is a great article from HGTV about ambient, task and accent lighting and how to use it in your home:

4. Don’t underestimate the value of a good ventilation system. There’s nothing like rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning, shuffling into the kitchen in your jammies so you can make that all-important cup of morning joe when BLAMO! you’re hit with the smell of last night’s broiled trout! Ew. I love trout flavored coffee. Said no one. Ever. Please, for the love of everything good in the world, consider (and when I say consider, I mean buy!) a great ventilation system. A good range and ventilation system will aid in keeping those bad smells out. Here is a guide that might get you started on the right path!

5. Don’t skip the backsplash! Oh if only I had it to do all over again! I’d have put in a backsplash (and would NOT have used matte paint, but I digress!). Okay so it really isn’t that difficult to add in later, but it’s so much nicer to do it in the beginning and save yourself the trouble. Trust me on this. You need a backsplash. There are tile backsplashes and granite backsplashes and paneling backsplashes, oh my! They are stylish, functional and if you’re really creative and ambitious, they can be fun to DIY.

Coming up with the perfect kitchen can be daunting, hard work, but the satisfaction you’ll have once you’ve created and executed the perfect space for your home makes is all well-worth the effort. Have fun and happy planning!


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