DanielBuilders Blog May2016

Building Your First Home

Building your first home (or any home!) should be a largely rewarding experience. Here are 4 Tips to stay sane & make it a fun, rewarding process.

Plan, plan, then plan some more!

A house is an investment that is meant to last forever, so it’s a good idea to plan well into the future when you build your first home. Is the build site on a location where you’d consider spending the rest of your life? Is your family still growing? Will you entertain, need extra space? Your answers to questions like these will determine what type of home you build.

In the Details

It’s easy to think about how many bedrooms you need or what you want in your kitchen but don’t forget other details too. For instance, there should be a bathroom on each floor if you are building a multi-story home. You’ll also want to consider amenities like extra closet space for guests, play areas for children, and extra storage space if needed! Think about things like sink heights and handicap access if you’re planning to live there the rest of your life!

Let the Pros do Their Thing!

The best advice anyone can give you when building your home is to make as many preparations in advance as possible and let the professionals execute your dream. You should feel free to visit the build site often to observe contractor and subcontractor’s progress, but making significant changes during construction will slow the timeline and ultimately cost you more money. So don’t be afraid to hold off on breaking ground until you are really happy with your design on paper!

Plan for Safety!

It’s extremely important to feel safe and secure in your home. Planning for things like fire exits, exterior lighting and a security system go a long way in improving the safety of your new home. Plan for these things and you and your family will feel safe and love your new home!

Building your first home is a rewarding experience, but while planning take some time to consider these points and make your home something that will stand the test of time. Remember, your home is likely to be the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so planning and doing it right the first time is the best way to assure satisfaction with the final result.

Happy building!