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Popular Home Building Trends For 2019

Popular Home Building Trends for 2019

Thinking about making a few changes to your existing home or perhaps purchasing a new one?  If so, here a few of the most popular trends making waves in 2019:

Open Floor Plans
Not a new concept, but one that seems to be here to stay is houses with open floor plans that allow you, for example, to view the living areas from the kitchen or dining area without peering through walls. Fewer interior walls “open up the house” by reducing the division that separate rooms create, often bringing in more natural light and allowing for design continuity from one room to the next.

Large Walk-in Showers
Fewer homeowners are requesting bathtubs in the master bathroom these days opting for larger, walk-in showers with built-in benches and twin-shower heads.  Many think this makes the room appear larger and more spa-like, especially in smaller, confined spaces.

Reclaimed Wood
Natural finishes have moved from counter-tops to walls and floors with reclaimed wood leading the charge.  Not only eco-efficient, repurposing aged and weathered wood can add an attractive look to any home and win “oohs and awes” from the neighbors.

Accent Walls or Ceilings
Another popular trend is utilizing reclaimed wood and other natural materials on accent walls or even ceilings to spark a new look. Wainscoting, a classic style that utilizes wall panels or planks, top molding and a baseboard molding to give the home a rustic look, always brings praise and adds definition and character to any room. 

Non-White Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen styles in all white never go out of style due to the clean and distinctive look it brings, however, many homeowners and designers are bringing color to the kitchen by adding cabinets that “pop” in bold colors. Done correctly, deep, rich colors can bring vibrancy and warmth to the kitchen, and can be accented with hardware to add just the right flare.

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