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3 Reasons To Choose Hardwood Flooring

3 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring

Everyone wants a warm, cozy home and many people choose carpet for that inviting and comfy feel. But consider showing hardwood some love!

Homeowners often overlook hardwood, but here are three reasons to consider it for your home:

  1. Hardwood is practical for busy households.

We’re all busy, right? Hardwood flooring offers easy maintenance, and if done right, a long life of beautiful flooring you can broom sweep a couple times a week. Kid’s messes, animal messes, and heck, even the occasional Friday night wine messes are simply easier to clean with wood flooring. Of course, we don’t recommend spilling your wine all over the floor. It’s wasteful and if done often, it will not be good for your floor.

For tips on choosing hardwood flooring, click here:

  1. Hardwood flooring offers versatility.

Think about it. Carpet is carpet. It’s one color, one size and once it’s down, you can’t change it without spending a lot more money. (Don’t get me wrong, we like carpet, but this post is about wood flooring – we’ll give a shout out to carpet later!). Hardwood flooring offers the ability to change things up a bit. Consider a large area rug or even some smaller rugs to add a little extra color and spice to the room and give it a warm, inviting feel. Plus, you can change the look as budget allows!

Here is some beautiful inspiration for your home:

  1. Hardwood is classy.

Hardwood just has a classy elegance to it that can work with any individual style and motif. From fancy to lodge-y, many event spaces even use hardwood for a classy, elegant feel that can be easily dressed up or down with other accessories. With hardwood, you can go from classy elegance to a warm, comfy casual feel with ease.

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