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Gas Vs. Wood-burning Fireplace:  Which Is Right For You?

Gas vs. Wood-burning Fireplace: Which is right for you?

Winter has set in.  It’s time for chilly temps, snowball fights and hot chocolate.  And bar none, the best place to curl up with your cocoa after a cold day in the snow is by a cozy fire.  If you’re in the process of home buying, building or even thinking about adding a fireplace to your home, here are some things to keep in mind when considering which to choose:  a wood burning or gas log fireplace.  Check out some cool inspiration here:



Wood Burning Fireplace Pros:

Wood Burning Fireplaces are great for that snap, crackle and pop sound – it’s like experiencing the outdoors indoors.  I always imagine being snuggled up in front of a wood-burning fire in a Colorado ski resort chalet with a cup of warm Baileys and cocoa!  But I digress.  Nothing beats that cuddle-up-to-your-honey-for-a-good-hallmark-movie feeling.  The experience is not all which is great about the word-burning fireplace. Wood is very inexpensive and readily available just about any place from your gas station to Kroger to your roadside market.

Wood Burning Fireplace Cons:

I hate to even call it a con, but the truth is wood burning fireplaces can be a lot of work.  Proper maintenance is necessary to prevent chimney fires.  Ashes must be disposed of after a fire or two and are very messy.  To me, that is part of the experience too, but to many, it’s too much work.

Check out some more pros and cons here:

Gas Fireplace Pros:

Gas fireplaces have their benefits too!  Gas fireplaces provide an instant fire and heat source.  It is literally as easy as flipping a switch!  No mess.  No waiting.  No clean up.  Easy use and easy maintenance are ideal.

Natural gas is also readily available and not terribly expensive, making the expense easily worth the cozy experience you get with a gas log fire.

Gas Fireplace Con:

The biggest con for me is the experience.  It’s just not the same as smelling the wood burning and hearing the crackle of the fire.  Perhaps in this day and age, the gas fireplace is the more practical choice of the two, but to me, there is just something special about a wood-burning fireplace.



No doubt both wood-burning and gas log fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing. Both are popular re-selling points, according to my realtor associates.  But people usually have a specific preference.  One thing is certain.  No matter which you choose, you will enjoy a great experience, especially on these cold winter nights.  Cheers!

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