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10 Modifications To Your Laundry Room To Make Life Easy

10 Modifications to your Laundry Room to Make Life Easy

Ah… the good old laundry room. Depending on what your feelings are towards doing laundry, you either love this place or you absolutely loathe it. Regardless of what your feelings are towards doing laundry, there are some alterations you can add to your laundry room to make doing laundry a much more pleasant experience. These modifications will make even the biggest laundry loather a little less apprehensive toward getting those clothes through the rinse cycle.


  1. Add a fun wallpaper

Adding wallpaper that’s fun and you absolutely love will instantly lift your spirits every time you walk in the room. Wallpaper with yellow, or orange will boost your productivity as well as your positive mood.

  1. Put a counter over the machines

Having to carry clothes into the living room or bedroom to fold them is extremely tedious. Simplify things by putting a counter in your laundry room and give yourself plenty of space to work.

  1. Give racks a go

Usually hanging clothes wind up hanging on door handles, on the backs of chairs, or just folded due to a lack of hanging space. Avoid wrinkled clothing by adding a rack! The more space the better!

  1. Small space? No problem!

If you live in a smaller house or apartment and don’t have much space for a laundry room, a hidden laundry space might be the perfect solution to all of your problems! The machines are concealed when you aren’t using them and are ready to go when you do need them!

  1. Put a clothesline indoors

Some clothes simply need to be hung up to dry in order to look right. If you can’t seem to find room for racks, add instead a clothesline! Clotheslines don’t have to be reserved for outdoor use anymore with how chic they can be made to look in your laundry room!

  1. Push the dryer all the way to the wall (yeah you heard that right!)

There is a place in your home where all socks go to suffer a life without their match. That’s right. It’s the space behind the dryer. This horrible phenomenon can be completely avoided if you used this dryer vent box! The box goes up the wall so you can get rid of that awful dead space behind the machine!

  1. Hang your ironing board in plain sight

Ironing boards are awful because they are such an awkward length and height to be able to store properly. Don’t fuss over it any longer! Grab two robe hooks, and a board to match your décor! It will blend right in!

  1. Hidden gems

Ever noticed how terribly your electric box clashes with your laundry room décor? No? Well I bet you do now! Hiding your electric box with a cute shutter or slate of wood will add to the ambiance of your room as well as cover up an eyesore!

  1. Give your cleaning supplies a home

Cleaning supplies rarely look great sitting out all over the counter so this storage space is beyond amazing. I can honestly say I’ve tried one of these and I am in love. I’m never going back! It slides right between your washer and dryer and holds three shelves worth of supplies!

  1. Throw in everything and the sink!

There are a lot of times that a sink in the laundry room would really come in handy. Stains need to be soaked, filters need to be rinsed, and there are just some things you really don’t want to have in your kitchen sink that a laundry room sink would be perfect for.

Your laundry room can be the coolest place in the house with these 10 tips. Even the biggest laundry hater will feel up to the challenge when their laundry room looks like 10 million bucks!

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