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5 Creative Ways to Pot Your Plants

Ahhh, May in Indiana.  May means good things are coming!  The Indy 500, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day BBQs are a heartbeat away.   Is your outdoor area ready?

We have 5 simple, and creative ideas for potting your patio pretties which are sure to spark some conversation!  Get creative today!

  1. Footwear is the new plantwear. 

Use colorful boots or shoes to add a pop of quirky color to your deck or patio.  Use a table or stool to give your creativeness some height.  You could even use a ladder with added potted plants on the rungs for a larger focal point.


  1. Chairs aren’t just for sittin’, silly.  Use an old household item such as a chair.  You will save a little space in a landfill AND get some major creativity point from your friends, family and neighbors alike!  Depending on your style, you can use anything from an old cooking pot to a, dare I say it, appliance (not recommended by this writer, but if you have a photo of something you’ve done, I’d love to see it!).


  1. Create a flower wall. 

Here is a wall everyone can support!  Get creative with lattice or even iron.  A wall of flowers can be as simple or as ornate as you want it to be.  Attach large planters or small pots, or even a mix of both, to create something uniquely you.


Here are some more ideas!


  1. Broken pots need some love too.  

Got a broken flower pot?  Why not go a little rustic.  Let the little guy shine with some pretty pansies.  If the broken pot is large enough, why not stack one or two smaller potted plant inside it?


  1. Rev up your engines.  

It’s May and time for the Indy 500, so why not have a little fun with a creative tire display!  A little spray paint and some colorful flowers can turn tired old rubber into a summer masterpiece!


Bing has countless images sure to spark some ideas!


No matter what your style, there are endless ways to create fun, vibrant outdoor spaces.  All you need is a little creativity and time!  Happy May!

Daniel Builders would like to wish all the moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!