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Enhance The Gateway To Your Home!

Enhance the Gateway to your Home!

Want to add a little pizzazz to your house and help preserve an important feature at the same time? Here is a simple and fun way to give your home some character and truly make it your own.

Maintain, improve and enhance all at the same time

All homes require periodic maintenance over time to keep things working properly and to protect them from the elements, and your front door is no exception. The “gateway to your home” not only protects you from the elements, it can also serve as a warm and welcoming feature of your home. Regular painting or refinishing of the front door will not only prolong its useful life, it can give you a chance to display a little bit of your personality as well.

How is that you say? It’s simple: Color it up!

That is, repaint or refinish the front door in a new, fresh color so that the neighbors can see that you are trendy, stylish or sassy. Here are a few tips on how to do it just right:

Pick the right color for your home
What do we mean when we say “right color?” Take into consideration the current colors of your exterior walls/siding or trim to make sure the colors don’t clash but complement or help accent each other. For example:

  • Grey exteriors – For a grey house with dark trim (i.e. black or dark color), you might like a navy or royal blue for the door which can imply sincerity, positivity, prosperity or calm depending on the particular shade that you use.
  • White exteriors – For white or light houses, a traditional red is often used to convey a welcome or inviting message to visitors. Dark red doors are considered warming, however, consider shifting shades to orange to convey a message of vibrancy or excitement, signifying to the “outside world” that you like being a little different and have some personality.
  • Dark or Light exteriors – If you really want your home to stand out, choose a little less common color to draw attention to the home and provide a focal point to the house. Green doors are quite trendy right now for both light and dark colored houses, implying a sense of community, sustainability or a healthy environment as your mojo. Or, if you are truly the adventurous type, yellow doors can indicate that you are confident, humorous, curious and fun!

Regardless, whatever color you choose, since the task of painting the door is not a huge DIY project, try out a color that you like and see what kinds of reactions you get from visitors and the neighbors and enjoy being the talk of the neighborhood. (And, if you don’t like what you hear, you can always try, try again….!)

Need ideas? Give us a shout!

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