5 Uses for Faux Materials in the Home

Stone, wood, and granite can all be incredibly beautiful when put in the right spot in your home, but they can also be extremely expensive as well. You may be thinking of just throwing those materials out of your decorating options all together but there are still several ways you can get the best of both worlds while incorporating low cost and still maintaining your personal style.

  1. Bricks

It’s so easy to see why faux bricks are so popular in homes right now! You can put them up in pretty much any room in the house and create a unique aesthetic. Used bricks can be messy and such a hassle to try to decorate with. These strips come ready to hang up and are super user friendly.


  1. Laminate

Don’t these countertops just look incredible? The best part? They’re actually laminate so they only cost about half the price of real granite! By mimicking the appearance of that nice granite, you don’t have to sacrifice the look you love.

  1. Stone

Stone is so versatile because you can use it indoor as well as outdoors. From stairways to archways, faux stone takes care of it all. The stone looks incredibly realistic while ultimately saving you money in the long run. For some fun inspiration on this, check out Arriscraft! They have really cool products that work really well for this kind of stone! You can check them out here!

  1. Wood

Everyone dreams of having the perfect little house with beautiful looking, polished, hard wood floors. But with how much that glowing wood costs, that’s all it is: a dream. Real wood floors can also be extremely hard to take care of and maintain. In the bathroom, wood can soak in moisture and result in water damage. Avoid that by putting in porcelain, tile, or laminate wood flooring.

  1. Tin Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles can instantly change the mood of any room in your home and creating your own has NEVER been so easy! They can be implemented into any room’s décor and can create a look that is totally unique.

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