Fun Ideas For An Extra Room In Your Home

Fun Ideas for An Extra Room in Your Home

  Whether the kids are grown and gone, you’re repurposing existing space or currently contemplating an extra room in your new home plans, you’ll have fun exploring all kinds of options to use the spare space.   With some imagination…

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5 Steps To Building Your Dream Home

5 Steps to Building your Dream Home

When you first decided you wanted to start thinking about building your own home I’m willing to bet the thought of where to start was overwhelming. There are so many little details that go into making your home perfect, that…

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5 Uses For Faux Materials In The Home

5 Uses for Faux Materials in the Home

Stone, wood, and granite can all be incredibly beautiful when put in the right spot in your home, but they can also be extremely expensive as well. You may be thinking of just throwing those materials out of your decorating…

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