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4 Reasons to Splurge on a Bathroom Remodel

Okay so you’re ready to rip out the trendy tile you just knew would NEVER go out of style 15 years ago when you built or bought your home. You’ve discussed it as a family and crunched the estimated numbers time and time again, but you’re feeling a little hesitant about spending the dough. I mean you have kids’ college funds and retirement to think about, right? Here are 4 ways to rationalize that big purchase!

May increase home re-sale value.
A bathroom remodel is one of two most likely remodels to produce the best ROI – for those who are curious, the other is a kitchen remodel. You won’t likely get a 100% return (that’s nearly unheard of), but a bathroom remodel is going to have a positive impact on a buyers decision. Think about it. If you were buying a home and had it down to two: one with an old, outdated, musty, gold-handled-cabinets kind of bathroom; and one with a fresh, modern, white-pedestal-sink with brushed-aluminum-faucets look, which would you choose?

Creates extra storage.
Most home-owners add extra cabinets and shelving when they remodel the bathroom. Consider a storage tower, or sink units with added cabinet space. Check out for some great ideas! Extra space helps to de-clutter your home, which allows for more organization. And who doesn’t need more of that in their lives? Am I right?

Energy upgrades make everyone feel better.
Who doesn’t feel great about trying to help the environment? With a brand spankin’ new bathroom, home owners can choose energy efficient options like showerheads, faucets and lighting which can make anyone feel like a true tree hugger. For more tips on how to be more energy efficient in your home, we found this great site:

A new look creates Zen & happiness.
Everyone likes something new. And creating a new room in your home is something that can make everyone happy. Sure it’s a room, not a spa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape to your new bathroom and create your very own Zen moments. Get some tips for creating a Zen bathroom here:

Post Remodel Splurge Success
Once your bathroom remodel is complete, pat yourself on the back and realize the benefits of your latest splurge. Take the time to really enjoy every new cabinet handle, tile, light, every faucet. Think about the great reasons you tackled this project and enjoy the final results!

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