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A Few Simple DIY Tips To Freshen Up Your Dream Home

A Few Simple DIY Tips to Freshen Up Your Dream Home

With the New Year now upon us, here are a few simple DIY home improvement tasks you can tackle to spruce up the house and avoid the winter doldrums while waiting for spring to arrive.

Freshen the Interior Décor
Nothing brightens up a home or makes it feel new or cozier than a fresh coat of paint or an attractive wallpaper. While you wait for the weather to turn warmer, refresh the dining room or master bedroom with an accent wall in your favorite color or design and embrace the change!

Install New Sink Hardware in the Kitchen
Tired of that old ugly faucet in the kitchen? Hit your local hardware store and pick up a new, stylish kitchen faucet. Many now feature water-saving hand-held flexible spigots; lights that turn from red to blue to indicate the water temperature; and some even have one-touch controls to free up your hands.

Update a Light Fixture
Change out that original shiny brass or chrome chandelier and replace it with a new energy-saving LED fixture to match your desired home décor. Chose crystal, wood, matted steel or some other texture to alter the look and personalize it to your specific taste.

Enhance the Entryway
Show your neighbors that you’re styling by adding a new color to your front door. Pick a bold color that is different from the house’s trim and that makes the door look vibrant and enticing to visitors.

Put Up New Backsplash
Given that there are now self-stick tile backers that you can buy and cut to size, bypass the messy tile cement and change out or update your kitchen backsplash to give your kitchen an easy makeover. Pick your favorite metal or porcelain tile to complete the fresh look.

Add a Chair Rail or Crown Molding
If you’re handy with a saw and a hammer, consider adding a chair rail to the dining room, or installing crown molding to give your home a true custom look.

Need more ideas? Give us a shout for more simple DIY ideas to make your house a real dream home.

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