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3 Ways Paint Can Spice Up A Room

3 Ways Paint Can Spice Up A Room

Looking for a quick way to spice up a room before the holiday’s impending arrival? Paint is a terrific way to give your room a fresh look. It’s relatively inexpensive and if you add a little elbow grease, you can really make it your own unique style. Here are 3 things you could try!

Color: It’s Fall – chose a rich, leafy orange color!

A rich orange color really has the ability to make a room pop. Orange has a casual vibe, yet evokes energy and positivity. It is also said to stimulate creativity. Orange can also have a calming effect – which can come in handy around the holiday time!

Here is some inspiration we found from SAS interiors:×740.jpg

Technique: Choose a fun technique & be unique.

There are a number of techniques that can make a huge impact on a room. Add a little character with a bright color combo and chevron pattern. Or consider stripes! An accent wall in a bold, warm color can add a unique flair. Suede paint is gaining popularity too – have some fun with your walls!

Here are some fun techniques you can try!

DIY: Channel your inner artist.

Feeling artsy? We all have a little creativity in us, right? Paint a graphic (no need to freehand – there are lots of ways you can trace a design and color it on with your favorite paint) or a quote on the wall to add a little sass! Transform your space with a giant wall mural or a simple sketch.

Here’s a cool one we found on Pinterest!

Paint really offers an endless palette of options and you are limited only by your own creativity! Consider a satin paint from Sherwin Williams if you have little ones! Fingerprints can be more easily wiped off the walls (matte paint more difficult to clean). One of the best things about paint is if you decide three months later that you need to new color, it’s pretty easy to change! Happy painting!

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